Day Trippin’

9 Jul

So…we’ve had a couple of days out this week. Ventured out into the Peak District and today was Crich Tramway Village. I was expecting a smaller version of Beamish so was looking forward to it…

Squidger didn’t have a nap this morning – deliberately as I hoped she’d fall asleep in the car for the hour long drive. Cue the sound effect from ‘Family Fortunes’ as Mr Babbage the computer says ‘No!’ I politely suggested she might like a little nap as she kept yawning and rubbing her eyes. This was met with a resounding and repetitive “No. NO! NOOOOO!” Even when I kept my mouth shut and made no mention of the land of Nod, Squidger could be seen pointing to imaginary passengers and telling them “NO!” as well!

No matter…it was a beautiful day, beautiful scenery, all would be well.

We arrived at our first tram stop. I got the buggy folded, two bags on my back, reigns on child, ‘Baby’ [doll] securely fastened to Squidger’s hand, sun lotion applied. We were set to go and that tram needed to arrive promptly. In the next few minutes. I mean seriously…it needs to arrive NOW!!!! Squidge was having nothing of this waiting lark. Waiting is for mugs. To be fair, she had a point…it was bloody boiling. Anyway…mini tantrum ensued [if only she’d had that nap]. Pushchair was rapidly unfolded, bags reinstated  and Squidge unceremoniously parked in the seat. She seemed a tad annoyed by this. Even more annoyed when I suggested she was tired and needed a bit of a rest.

Anyway, seat in recline positon, off we went.

Gosh! That was a quick walk! We were at the end of the Tramway Village in a matter of minutes! A trillionth of the size of Beamish. Hmmn. I did start to worry that I wouldn’t be getting much for my £13 entry fee. No matter…Squidge still wasn’t asleep so we backtracked towards ‘Woodland Walk’ with ‘sulk face’ in position.

I found a quiet spot at the top of  a hill in the woods and eventually Squidger dropped off. I should really carry my book about with me for times like these. But it did allow a few quiet minutes, and I’ve not had chance to have many of those in the last 3 weeks.

It’s 3 weeks today since Squidge moved in. Feels a lot longer, in a nice way. Must admit, that first week I thought everyone had made a mistake and I really wasn’t going to be able to do this. Only lasted a wee while, less than twenty minutes, but I’m assured that’s normal for all parents?! A lot of people have said some interesting things about how I’ve chosen to begin my new family: brave, wonderful, inspirational. It is very strange to hear these things and  whilst it’s lovely to hear, I can’t take it in. I mean…do we say these things to all new parents? Parents, be honest. Why did you want children? Was it to be brave, wonderful, inspirational or just cos you wanted to expand your family,care for your child, help them to be happy and develop into the best person they can be?

Anyway…back to Crich. I had a bit of a walk whilst Squidge had a sleep. Beautiful area. Slightly spoiled by the ruddy big quarry works next door! But these were the views either side of me…

When she did wake up we played in the playground, had an ice cream, had a tram ride. This was a test of my newly acquired octopus arms! Why is it the pushchair never collapses swiftly at the time when I need it to be at its swiftest? Man got it on board for me. So grateful! V pleasant trip round and a lovely lady helped Squidger down and held her whilst I got all our bits together.

Other items on today’s agenda included screams in the cafe cos Squidge wanted cake not sandwich; a fit of giggles in the soft play area with a couple of other kids; a trip to the toilets where Squidge informed everyone who cared to hear [and those that didn’t] that “Mummy poo”. Nice.

A tired little girl, and Squidger, finally left. Bless her she waved at the ticket people and said thank you on the way out. Not as big as Beamish but a nice day nevertheless…

Teatime and bedtime routine were sweet. Squidger is regressing a little. It’s all part of the attachment process. She needs to go back to being a baby and do all baby things to check mummy gives her the right responses. So she does things like hand me her fork or spoon for me to feed her; she does ‘pretend’ crying so I will ‘pretend’ comfort her. At bedtime tonight she wanted to be held and rocked like a little baby while she drank her bottle [sometimes she picks up my hand to take the bottle, or stroke her forehead which I do when she’s in bed]. It’s nice bonding time. Lots of touch, eye contact, cooing sounds [her not me!] When it’s finally time for cuddles and bed she gave me such the tightest squeeze, a kiss and said “Li[k]e mummy…yes”


One Response to “Day Trippin’”

  1. Dawn July 9, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    Well, a successful day by all accounts. I was most disturbed by the ‘mummy poo’ comment – poor squidger!

    Nice piccies too.

    If only children knew that when they get older all they will want to do is sleep!

    Where’s my stick of rock?

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