I have received a Kreativ Blogger Award!

10 Jul

@Kailexness tagged me in her blog Allaboutus and such like. She presented me with a Kreativ Blogger Award!

Apparently the rules are as follows:

Copy the award to your blog. Insert a link to the person who nominated you, share 7 things about yourself you haven’t told before, nominate and link, inform the nominees…. [the latter two things will take me a wee while to sort out – I need to subscribe to more blogs]

So 7 things you didn’t know about me…

1/ I was born in Cyprus. I have never been back but often think about going. Maybe I will now I have a daughter the age I was when I left!

2/ I have kissed Mr. Leo Sayer and felt the sweaty head of Mr. Matt Lucas. That’s all I wish to say about that.

3/ I used to attend Life Drawing classes – as an artist not model. I was pretty good, I am told!

4/ If I could go back to Uni I would study Art History. And I’d actually study this time round.

5/ I would like to live in Northumberland near my sister.

6/ I have a ghoulish fascination with the biology/physiology of how people die. I know. Gruesome.

7/ I wish I could afford to visit San Francisco every year and have a cottage in the Lake District.

And my nominations are…

Fi @ AdoptResource’s Blog, Twitter = @AdoptResources

Yvonne @ Half full or half empty blog,  Twitter = @Whyjay99

I thank you


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