Arty Farty Monday

17 Jul

It’s said that if you expose your child to the arts they “have the power to transform children’s lives and have a proven positive impact on their development”

So with this in mind we spent Monday doing arty farty things!! We began with the art of literature and took our first trip to City Central Library. It was a horrible, miserable day so what better way to brighten things up? We couldn’t go in the main, grand entrance to the Victorian building as there were lots of steps. We had to go down a long ramp, round the back of the building and buzz to be let in at the ‘Deliveries’ entrance! A security guy let us in and showed us the way. We passed boxes, cleaning paraphenalia, dusty rooms and finally, once through a dingy corridor, into the Children’s Library.

Squidger went straight to the toy Dyson and proceeded to clean things up whilst I registered us both! Once I was done she had started to pull books from boxes and was sitting at the little table having a look through. When she saw me coming over she brought a few to me so we could read them. We sat on the floor and looked at a good few before Squidger began to show an interest in two other children who had arrived. After a little conversation between the three of them Squidger then spotted her favourite characters in a book [In the Night Garden] and took them straight to the issue desk! [She must have been to a library before as she knew exactly what to do!] She handed over her card and waited patiently whilst the lady stamped them.

It was now time to get books in bags and make our way to the exit to our next arty destination: the Millenium Art Galleries.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to go…would Squidger be bored?

We entered the darkened room and there were quite a few local artist’s pieces on he walls. I was pretty impressed when Squidger pointed to one and squealed with delight! Good start! We moved along and I had a lovely surprise… a William Blake and Pre Raphaelites exhibition! How would this go down? Actually, quite well! Squidger pointed to which painting she wanted to see, we had a look and a chat about it then moved on. Fabulous.

We then made our way home and got the crayons out…well…you never know.


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