The home of the tart. Bakewell.

3 Jul

Bakewell Tart. We’ve all heard of it. How many of you have visited the rural town where it all began?

‘Tho the one you see in the picture is an authentic Bakewell PUDDING. More eggy than spongey. An alleged mistake that has become a firm favourite in these here parts. You can order them to be delivered to your house if you’d like to try one!

Yesterday’s Peak District jaunt was a last minute decision. My good friend and her little boy needed a day out just as Squidge and I did! The sun was blazing, the kids were driving us up the wall…quick! Get in the car and drive!!

The journey there was broken only by a three minute ‘naughty step’ moment for Squidge! With a reminder not to be mean to her best friend and to stop screaming in the car at ear drum perforating levels, we were off.

The drive to Bakewell from Sheffield is lovely. Within minutes you have left the urban landscape and are met with fabulous picture postcard scenes of rolling hills and livestock.

On our approach to Bakewell itself I noticed a road sign which stated the road we were driving along was closed today! I assumed I must have got my dates wrong and thought no more about it!

Upon arrival we crossed the River Wye and positioned ourselves town side in order to feed the ducks. Out came the mouldy bread and little hands tore little pieces to chuck into the water. There were geese, swans and ducks. But by far the greediest of the lot were the huge trout! This much amused the little ones who were intent on getting as close to the edge as they could.

Onwards to pick up a few extra pieces for our picnic then we headed to the Park.

We knew something was afoot when we got there: we could see a huge number of inflatible houses, castles and a bucking bronco bull! In addition we saw cars arriving with trailers which were then tansformed before our very eyes into princess carriages and Hansel & Gretel houses! Vintage cars were arriving and parts of the park were cordoned off. By the time we had eaten our picnic, played on the slides and had an ice cream the whole park grounds ressembled a Britain’s Got Talent audience on semi-finals day!

There were Pageant Queens

Colourful Floats

And tractors pulling spaceships!

Turns out we had stumbled upon the Bakewell Carnival 2011. The road was going to be closed to make way for floats, bands and carnival queens.

Each float/trailer/carriage was playing it’s own version of The Chart Show at speaker destroying levels so we moved away from the park and took a stroll along the river and back towards town. It was during this walk that Squidge and her best friend fell asleep in their push-chairs and two single mums who haven’t had a night out in over a year conspired to go to a pub and grab a shandy!

We found our way to The Castle Inn and lodged ourselves and our sleeping children in a cool corner near the dart board!

Photo found via Google. Not my own work.

With lager shandies in hand [the best most refreshing drink in a long, long time] we must have looked like the cliched stereotype of northern single mothers!! We didn’t care. We bloody needed that sit down in the shade!

An hour passed as fast as a minute, the children were waking and we spied activity outside. So we squeezed out through the gathering crowds and grabbed the best position we could to see the passing procession.

The children were highly amused by the whole affair and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the live music and array of strange creatures parading past!

I knew I was in rural parts when a group of ‘trendy’, attractive young women ooohed and aahhed…not at the bare-chested young men that made up the Super Heroes float…but at the John Deere tractor pulling one of the displays!!

An hour or so later we found ourselves in another pub, on the outskirts of Bakewell, which sported a kids’ play area. It was here we enjoyed our evening meal as the day began to cool. It was just lovely. Squidge and her friend defied the laws of tiredness by running around on a sleep tank that must surely have been empty!

I can recommend a visit to Bakewell if you haven’t already been. It’s a lovely town and there really is always something going on. Tho’ I wouldn’t expect to the Musketeers in the street every day of the week

Photo found on Google Chesterfield Post


One Response to “The home of the tart. Bakewell.”

  1. MmeLindor July 4, 2011 at 7:34 am #

    Lovely post. It is great to go somewhere and find a festival going on by sheer coincidence.

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