We’re all going on a summer holiday – Part 1, The Lakes

31 Aug

Squidge, Summer of 2011 was a busy one for the pair of us! Can you remember?

It started at the end of July when mummy’s school holidays began. We got ourselves a new car – primarily so we could fit all our new camping gear inside it!! Then we set off for the Lake District with our friends Zoe and her little boy Hal.

It rained the whole way there. It poured down whilst you and Hal watched mummy and Zoe put up the tent in gale force winds! Thankfully our new neighbours helped us so the tent didn’t get blown away!!

Our Tent

Our first night was quite scary! The wind and rain were really, really strong. One side of the tent kept blowing in as the poles bent against the force of the wind. We all kept sliding down our beds as we were on a hill! You and Hal took it in turns to wake up and cry. I was on the verge of joining you! But morning came anbd whilst it hadn’t stopped raining, it was an awful lot calmer. I was pleased to find out our tent had done an excellent job in not blowing away and keeping us dry as the site owners said many people had had to leave that morning as their tents weren’t up to it!

Adventure Playground, Brockhole

The above picture is you enjoying yourself in the boat at the Adventure Playground at Brockhole, Windermere. You and Hal had a great time but you were also bothe VERY tired and a few time outs were had!

We enjoyed a walk down to the Lakeside and on the way you splashed in gigantic puddles! You both laughed so much! Good job you were wearing your wellies and wet suit!

The splashing continued when we arrived at the shore and you stepped in as you watched the boats go by.

Lakeside, Windermere at Brockhole

The View At Brockhole, Windermere

Although the rain didn’t let up we still had fun and took a boat trip down the lake and back again.

Looking Towards Lakeside

Trotter’s World of Animals

Stone Circles

We stopped by Castlerigg Stone Circle where you and Hal had a great game of hide and seek. Lots of the other tourists there laughed along with you. You go so excited you had a wee accident and a sacred stone got a little wet! When you gotta go…!

On our last night we watched this group of people dive into the water and go for a swim! You wanted to try it but decided against it as it was a bit chilly!

Lake Coniston

A nice way to end our camping trip!


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