It’s National Adoption Week 2013

3 Nov

It’s National Adoption week this week. To dispel a few myths I’ve had to tackle over the years…

No I didn’t adopt cos I felt I was a failure!

Yes I realise I am single…single parents are not the enemy you know! My mum brought up three university graduates all on her own. What finer role model could I have asked for?

What will I do for Childcare? The same as other working mums…find a wonderful childminder!

Yes I’d like to have given Lily a forever daddy as well as mummy. Unfortunately I haven’t been lucky enough to find a decent guy…should I have left Lily where she was?!

I suppose I could have given birth to a child, but I chose to be the mummy of a child who was already here.

Lily IS my own child.

Of COURSE she calls me her mummy…I AM her mummy!

Yes she knows all that it is age appropriate to know of her birth family. After all it is HER story, not mine to hide away. And one day if she wants to meet them I will be by her side.

Of COURSE I love her…she’s my baby!

Across the UK 4,000 children are waiting to find an adoptive family, but for 1 in 4 it is likely to remain only a dream. And for every year a child waits their chances of being adopted reduce by 20%. National Adoption Week is for anyone who would like to help change this, so that every child waiting in care finds somewhere they can feel safe and loved. We ask you to think about the children who wait the longest. Please consider making room in your life and your heart and start your journey below…


Thank you


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