Never again?

27 Jul

I find myself wholly under educated in matters of the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

What I do know is that Palestine is a hugely populated area where the average age is 17. They can’t ‘just move’ in order to be safe… There is nowhere to move to!

The Israelis are firing rockets into this hugely populated area knowing they are killing and injuring civilians every day. Hey, they even targeted a UN school claiming it was being used as a base by Hammas. That’s what the four boys playing football on the beach were? Hamas separatists?!

Around 1000+ injured and dead. Many innocent children. Any fire back from Hamas, the terrorist group, has killed c 30 Israelis. Mostly soldiers. Wholly disproportionate!

Israel, thanks to American finance, is one of the most fortified areas on the planet. Few civilians are being killed. If and when innocent civilians are killed the Israelis state they’re not quite sure how it happened. They claim
that there were reports of Hamas shooting from the school, the family home, how awful it is that Hamas are using children as a human shield.

I know very little about this ancient conflict and I’m sure some of you could/will fill me in.

Why aren’t we getting involved? Is it fear after our apparent failed attempt to get involved in Iraq? Afghanistan?

Alternatively, why is this conflict being so heavily reported? Is it because if the disproportionate number of civilians being killed? The apparent one sided nature of the conflict?

What am I not understanding?

How naïve of us to claim that the war to end all wars was over when we see pictures of dead children and mothers and fathers beamed into our living room, like slides from a history lesson where we’re taught ‘Never Again’, every day.


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