The past is a foreign country…

31 Dec

…they do things differently there.

Looking back on NYE is inevitable. I can’t quite believe the year I’ve had. At times it doesn’t feel like it was me in those memories! It seems so distant now.

January – a terrifying but successful job interview and a fab visit to London with Lily and little sis.

February – an increasingly painful gall bladder and unpaid leave so I could spend half term with Lily.

March – an unceremonious exit from my 15 year place of work (but a leaving speech via email that perhaps I shouldn’t have sent…it was the Tramadol made me do it!) due to gall bladder which was subsequently removed! A week’s recuperation at my sister’s where I put my back out trying to put surgical stockings on(!) and had to man up to be able to give myself daily injections!

April – a lovely stay in York courtesy of a very kind friend; a fabulous leaving party with my gorgeous colleagues; the start of a new job at a Special School. Lots of highs, lows and many WTFs?!

May – Lily’s first big birthday party with a Frozen theme and a rather marvellous cake by Aunty Dawn. I obviously hired a children’s entertainer…I’m not daft!

June – the craziness at work getting crazier but
learning SO much!

July – a step closer to summer!

August – London staying in a lovely Belsize Park flat courtesy of a lovely friend; North Yorks and Anglesey camping. Lots of sun and fun and laughs with family and friends.

September – OFSTED! That was interesting! But they did say the school should clone me 😉

October – the fall out from OFSTED; still learning lots! Started crafting in earnest.

November – the news my school will be closing; the offer of a new job; the launch of my Thingy-ma-bobs crafting page.

December – Lily’s ukulele and musical theatre stage début; a sewing workshop courtesy of a lovely friend; a tax rebate; lots of sales for Thingy-ma-bobs; packing up my classroom ready for new job in January; a so, so relaxing Christmas…


I’m very anxious about starting my new job – the usual ‘What if they realise I can’t actually do it’, having to learn new systems, develop new routines and build relationships all over again. It’s going to be full on and the last three months at my old job have rather exhausted my resilience!!

I hope to improve the way I react so emotionally to any bit of difficult or troubling news. I am a heart on the sleeve kind of girl – which is great when it’s nice stuff! But when it is more challenging I dive head first into an emotional maelstrom. This is not good for this old girl’s blood pressure of Facebook Status Update(!)

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve with Thingy-ma-bobs – at the very least it keeps my stress levels under some sort of control! Maybe having a craft stall somewhere one weekend?!

I hope to meet up with friends old and new more regularly than I’ve been able to this year. I should re-introduce letter writing.

I know my little girl will continue to make every single day an amazing one! She’s an absolute star and I’m very lucky to have her.

Hope 2015 brings us all a step closer to whatever it is we are dreaming of.

Best wishes xxx

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