Change is a needed!

5 Jan

Right. I’m putting this out there so I’ll be more inclined to do something about it!!
I’ve outgrown the ambitions I had when I was at university.  I need to be pro active in making changes to live a better working life than the one I’ve currently got. This one doesn’t work for me anymore! 
I find it really difficult to work as a full time English teacher and be a single mum. It leaves zero time for me or for me and Lily and I’m always too tired to do the things that bring me joy.
My ethos of education doesn’t seem to fit with what’s required in schools anymore. I want to develop the whole child and build their confidence, not crack out exam automatons.
I want to work part time but my current place of work won’t let me and finances would be incredibly difficult if I did. However. I’m not prepared to spend the next 23 years living the working life I thought I wanted when I was 20 years old.
So. Throw ideas at me. I’m gonna try and make some serious changes instead of whinging about how miserable I am!
Looking forward to some stark, honest, kick up the backside advice. I need it xxx


2 Responses to “Change is a needed!”

  1. Boingey Boingey January 5, 2016 at 8:32 am #

    First of all, get a p/t teaching job. There are many, many schools that need experienced English teachers, and which will take you on p/t even if their need is f/t. Or go supply for a while.

    Then set some time aside over the course of a month or so to work out what you really enjoy doing … your interests, hobbies, activities that make (or made) you happy. Write them down. List the ways of working you enjoy the most, or aspire to enjoy. List the jobs you think involve these ways of working. Then see if any of those also align with the things you enjoy. If they do, find organisations that work in this way, and contact them for a chat. Your aim should not be to get a job with them, but to find out how the people involved started out. Ask them about their struggles and challenges, as well as their enjoyment and satisfaction. Then set up your own version of what they do, alongside your bill-paying job.

    It’s what I did 7 years ago, and haven’t looked back!

    • howwelaughed January 5, 2016 at 9:07 am #

      What great advice. Thank you. I need a dose of confidence as it all feels like a great leap into the unknown

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